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10010030 Alles Liebe Gift set
The natural fragrance composition "Alles Liebe" in the gift box with vanilla, lavender and tonka is both euphoric and harmonizing. The ideal scent for hours together with his your beloved people! The fragrance was created in...
12270090 Almond basic oil organic - 50 ml
The almond oil is made of sunripened sweet almonds. The gentle cold pressing ensures the preservation of the natural ingredients. Almond oil is a high quality basic oil for your gentle beauty care and is excellent for aroma massages.
Content 50 ml (€15.80 * / 100 ml)
12270007 Aloe vera basic oil organic - 50 ml
This moisturizing macerate is absorbed well by the skin. It is great for use after sunbathing.
Content 50 ml (€13.80 * / 100 ml)
10010233 Angelica root organic/demeter
building, grounding and strengthening in the Cold time
Content 5 ml (€796.00 * / 100 ml)
10000107 Anise organic - 5 ml
has a warming, stimulating and euphoric effekt
Content 5 ml (€198.00 * / 100 ml)
10010177 Anti stress Air spray
The reliable help for more serenity in stressful situations. Sandalwood, lavender and tangerine create a relaxed atmosphere in the room. Now in the high quality glass bottle!
Content 50 ml (€17.80 * / 100 ml)
10010176 Anti stress roll on
The roll-on for more serenity with sandalwood, lavender and tangerine. In stressful everyday situations, simply roll it onto your temples, wrist or neck and a soothing scent aura unfolds immediately.
Content 10 ml (€89.00 * / 100 ml)
12270011 Apricot kernel basic oil organic - 50 ml
The oil is extracted in the traditional way from apricot kernels. The gentle cold pressing guarantees the preservation of the natural active ingredients. In cosmetics, it is valued as a skin-friendly oil and is often used for an aroma...
Content 50 ml (€13.80 * / 100 ml)
12270014 Argan basic oil organic - 50 ml
TAOASIS organically grown argan oil comes from the fruits of the argan tree in Morocco. Due to the very high content of unsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants, the skin is ideally cared for and protected against damaging...
Content 50 ml (€25.80 * / 100 ml)
33318003 Aries Anti Mück oil
The ARIES® Anti Mück oil is efficient and universal usable on skin, textiles and as well as for fragrance lamps and evaporators. It contains nurturing aloe vera as well as a fragrance composition from pure essential oils that protects...
Content 10 ml (€69.00 * / 100 ml)
33318007 Aries - Mottlock 5 pieces
Adhesive traps against food moths to monitor the amount of moths. These non-toxic adhesive traps are immediately activated after the removal of the protective film. Attractants (pheromones) attract male moths which are wanting to mate,...
Content 5 (€1.98 * / 1 )
33318006 Aries Anti Mott Spray
The ARIES® Anti Moth Spray with lavandin drives away clothes moths and prevents larvae infestation. This effect also applies to other insects such as textiles destroying bugs. With azadirachtin, which is extracted from the seeds of the...
Content 50 ml (€13.80 * / 100 ml)
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