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Aries Anti Zeck skin spray
Anti Tick Skin Spray is a tick-repelling combination of scents. The product contains an Active Substance, sourced from leaves of the Lemon Eucalyptus Tree. Ticks are repelled for up to 6 hours. For use on children from 6 months of age....
Content 100 ml
€9.90 *
Aries Mottenschutz scent dispenser
These fragrances contain active componants from lavandin oil. Clothes moths and other textile-destroying insects are effectively kept away. By simply peeling off the protective film the fragrance protection is activated immediately and...
Content 2 (€3.45 * / 1 )
€6.90 *
Aries Mottlock 3 pieces
Adhesive traps against food moths for monitoring. These non-toxic adhesive traps become active immediately after removal of the protective film. Attractants (pheromones) attract male moths who are willing to mate and stick to the...
Content 3 (€2.30 * / 1 )
€6.90 *
Aries Mottlock Mottenbox
The Mottlock® moth box consists of a box which protects your textiles of the adhensive board with the integrated attractant (pheromone). The Mottlock® moth box is equipped with a separate hanging bracket.
Content 1
€9.90 *
Arnica basic oil organic
This oil is a blessing for the rub and massage of muscles and joints. Gently obtained as cold macerate from precious Arnica flowers in skin-care olive oil. When rubbed in, the skin is well cared for. In case of tension, it is pleasant to...
Content 50 ml (€25.80 * / 100 ml)
€12.90 *
Aroma kitchen book
The scents for eating and drinking conquer the new vegan aroma kitchen - by Susanna Färber. 96 pages with 50 illustrations.
€12.80 *
aroma oils for the medicinel chest
A compact reference of 22 selected natural scents with easily implementable in practice. 80 pages with 82 colored illustrations.
€9.99 *
Aromastream mini with Baldini Wellness
Enjoy the soothing and invigorating power of the room fragrance! Aromastream Mini is the battery-powered fragrance companion for on the go. By the included USB cable, the battery can be easily recharge. It is advisable, always to use a...
€24.80 *
Avocado basic oil organic
Avocado oil is a rich oil for dry and chapped skin. It is well suited for the care of hands and feet or as an addition to your favorite massage oil.
Content 50 ml (€15.80 * / 100 ml)
€7.90 *
Axel Meyer: Dufte Schule Aromatherapie macht...
Welcher Schüler träumt nicht davon, dass ihm das Lernen leichter von der Hand geht? Und welche Eltern wünschen sich nicht, dass die Konzentration und Motivation ihres Kindes auf natürliche Weise gesteigert werden kann? Dies ist möglich –...
€12.80 *
Axel Meyer: Lexikon der Düfte
12th, completely revised edition, 192 pages, hardcover.
€19.90 *
Axel Meyer: The art to bake vegan
Whether crispy amaranth rolls, spicy rocket pizza or fine coconut muffins - vegan pastries are simply delicious. Axel Meyer, co-founder of the organic food movement and "Veganbäcker" with many years of experience, swears by biscuits from...
€19.99 *
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