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12280816 Wildrose basic oil organic
Rosehip oil is a mildly scented skin oil with naturally nourishing properties. Wild rose oil is obtained from natural Rosa canina oil (rose hip kernel oil). In combination with valuable jojoba oil it strengthens the natural elasticity of...
Content 50 ml (€25.80 * / 100 ml)
30050049 TaoWell Yogini with Baldini Yoga scent
The TaoWell® Yogini provides clarity and inspiration. It is not only an eye-catcher, but also touches the senses with an atmospheric colour change - from relaxing green tones to luxurious and mysterious purple tones. The discreet...
32581083 ARIES® - Moth Box Food Moths
The Mottlock® food moth box consists of a box and 3 adhesive boards with integrated attractant (pheromone). These non-toxic adhesive traps become active immediately after the protective film is removed and can be placed in kitchen or...
32581082 ARIES® - Moth Box Refill Set
Adhesive board with integrated attractant (pheromone) for refilling the Mottlock® moth box. The pheromone escapes, spreads in the environment and attracts mating males, which then stick to the moths, which then adhere to the adhesive...
10010126 Baldini Organic Aroma Thyme White organic
Spicy fresh mediterranean aroma.
Content 5 ml (€258.00 * / 100 ml)
10010345 Baldini - Schlaf gutl® pillow spray
The pillow spray to relax and fall asleep with lavender and orange. Just 1-2 sprays on the pillow are enough for a soothing scented environment that invites you to switch off and dream. The Baldini pillow spray is made from precious 100%...
Content 50 ml (€19.80 * / 100 ml)
20010105 Dankeschön scent cloth
A special fragrance for a special person! Grapefruit, bergamot and ylang ylang form an extraordinary, fruity-fresh unit that creates a wonderful fragrance environment and touches the heart and soul. For full fragrance development, place...
10010379 Glückskind® room spray
Gentle natural scent for cuddling and relaxing for all small and large fragrance fans. After an exciting day full of adventure mandarin, lavender and orange make it easier to let go and switch off and provide relaxation in the nursery.
Content 50 ml (€17.80 * / 100 ml)
10010327 DIY Room Spray 10 ml
Neutral room spray based on demeter alcohol. Essential oils can be added directly can be dripped directly into the bottle to create an individual room spray.
Content 10 ml (€29.00 * / 100 ml)
20010104 TaoSan® Hand Disinfection Wipe
The quick help for in between. Hand disinfection wipe based on the proven TaoSan® disinfectant. With vegetable raw materials from organic cultivation to protect against special viruses and bacteria.
40020111 Drop Cardboard - Scented Fleece "So riecht Natur"
Decorative scented fleece in drop optics. Just a few drops of oil on the scented fleece is enough for a pleasantly discreet room scenting.
32581072 Lavender Scented Sachet Organic
Fabric sachets filled with real lavender for an uncomplicated scenting in drawers, cupboards or in the room.
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