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10010378 Deine Auszeit - Entspannung scent set
The fragrance set for that extra portion of relaxation around the clock - with products made from 100% naturally pure essential oils. During the day the Anti Stress Roll-On with sandalwood, lavender and tangerine provides fragrant relief...
Anti Stress gift set Anti Stress gift set
Anti Stress is the reliable help for more serenity in stressful situations. Sandalwood, lavender and tangerine provide a relaxing scent atmosphere that invites you to switch off and breathe deeply. The soothing fragrance made from 100%...
32581035 TaoTasche Bio-Cotton Dankeschön
Die beliebte Tasche aus 100 % Bio-Cotton. Der ideale Einkaufsbegleiter.
10010361 Feelruhe® room fragrance set organic | demeter
Demeter room fragrance made from 100% natural essential oils and demeter alcohol in a decorative glass flacon, incl. 3 bamboo diffusion sticks. Baldini Feelruhe® is the soothing and relaxing natural fragrance with lavender, benzoin and...
Content 50 ml (€25.80 * / 100 ml)
10010373 Deine Auszeit - Petite Provence scent set
For a piece of Petite Provence in your own four walls! The fragrance set contains the most exclusive lavender products for a fragrant time-out: a Lavender Germany room spray, a roll-on with lavender from Germany and a fabric sachet...
10010374 Baldini - Zeit für dich - Inspiration scent set
In the peace lies the power! For a clear spirit and alert mind, this fragrance set contains two inspiring fragrance products made from 100% natural essential oils that are guaranteed to provide inner balance: A Buddhaduft® roll-on with...
10010375 Deine Auszeit - Winterzeit scent set
Wintertime is fragrance time! For a particularly cozy time out, this fragrance set contains two fragrant companions for the cold season: The winter time fragrance composition is cozy-warming with 100% natural essential oils of blood...
32581075 Exchange pads for TaoStick®
10 replacement pads for the TaoStick®. It is recommended to take a new pad for a new fragrance.
10010376 Baldini - Zeit für dich - Petite Provence scent set
For a piece of Petite Provence in your own four walls! Lavender fans will find everything for the extra portion of peace and relaxation in everyday life in this fragrance set: a lavender soap, original demeter lavender oil from German...
10010377 Baldini - Zeit für dich - Happy Christmas scent set
The holidays will be cozy! When with the Christmas season comes the contemplative mood, the wintry composition Happy Christmas with 100% natural essential from orange and silver fir provides the appropriate scent in the air. For...
10010397 Citronella oil organic
Fresh, lemony fragrance - exhilarating and summery.
Content 5 ml (€118.00 * / 100 ml)
10010398 TaoStick® Set
Handy stick for fragrant feel-good moments in every situation. Drip essential oils onto the pad according to taste, use and sniff the TaoStick® as needed - ideal for aromatherapy "to go". The set includes a metal TaoStick® and ten...
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